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        Spandex yarn twisted with Nylon yarn
        產品: Spandex Yarn Twisted With Nylon Yarn

        Item:Spandex bare yarn covered (twisted) with Nylon yarn. Specification: SCY 2070 20D SPANDEX / 70D NYLON SCY 4070 40D SPANDEX / 70D NYLON SCY ...

        公司: [ TW] Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd.
        Spandex Covered Yarn
        產品: Spandex Covered Yarn

        Item: Spandex bare yarn covered (twist) with yarn Specification: elastic Fabric SPANDEX 20D WITH RAYON, TR, TC, COTTON ...

        公司: [ TW] Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd.
        Supported Metallic Yarn
        產品: Supported Metallic Yarn

        H type is made of 1/110", 12 micron (MG-50) Metallized Polyester Film twisted with Nylon yarn 70 Denier or Polyester 75 Denier yarn. This is applicable ...

        公司: [ TW] Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd.
        301,401,501 FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSES
        產品: 301,401,501 FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSES

        With highly tensile spring steel wire in it is very compressible Flexible,lightweight & good for ventilation Temperature range: from -10 to +120 ...

        公司: [ TW] TORNG CHAU PLASTIC CO., LTD.
        產品: MESHES FABRIC

        Moisture absorption Quick dry Applications Apparel:Active sportswear(T-shirt Polo),Uniforms(work wear, medical wear)

        公司: [ TW] Fong Yeong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
        Anti-Static Carbon Fabric Brushes
        產品: Anti-Static Carbon Fabric Brushes

        High-level plait.Don't lose the feather.Low- impedance.Wash by water.Easy to install.

        公司: [ TW] U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Regular yarn
        產品: Regular Yarn

        SYCL can offer nylon 66 'Tactel' and nylon 6 false textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster. We are also offer multi-ply yarn or combined ...

        公司: [ TW] Sherng Yii Co., Ltd.
        Micro yarn
        產品: Micro Yarn

        SYCL can offer nylon 66 'Tactel' and nylon 6 false textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster. We are also offer multi-ply yarn or combined ...

        公司: [ TW] Sherng Yii Co., Ltd.
        PE FOAM MAT(wave pattern or ribber pattern)
        產品: PE FOAM MAT(Wave Pattern Or Ribber Pattern)

        Covered with cloth on top surface for absorbing sweat and for you comfortable touch during your workout. Light-weight and rolls away design for easy to ...

        公司: [ TW] Eva Foam Industry Co., Ltd
        Jacquard, Tapestry and Upholstery Fabrics
        產品: Jacquard, Tapestry And Upholstery Fabrics

        180x47/150d/1x7s/1 54/55" Cross dyed about 390gms/yd

        公司: [ TW] Kuanging Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Radiant Barrier-Reflective Foil Insulation
        產品: Radiant Barrier-Reflective Foil Insulation

        We are a manufacturer of reflective foil insulation that reflects 95% of radiant heat. Our insulation are made of single or double faced aluminum foil ...

        公司: [ TW] Taipei Duct Industries Corporation
        iMac-style office chair IP-810AG.
        產品: IMac-Style Office Chair IP-810AG.

        Cut Foam and Fabric Upholstered Seat and Back Bottoming and Backing with Plastic Sheel Revolvable Gas Lift Seat Height ...

        公司: [ TW] IP Furniture Industrial Co., Limited.
        Cleanroom Woven Fabrics
        產品: Cleanroom Woven Fabrics

        The Fabrics provide low electrical potential from friction and used for garments and footwear that require the lowest friction-cha ...

        公司: [ TW] Asiatic Fiber Corporation
        High Class Cleanroom Fabric
        產品: High Class Cleanroom Fabric

        Woven Fabric for cleanroom garment. Characteristics: high density,regular yarn,good Particle efficiency, excellent durability,c ...

        公司: [ TW] Asiatic Fiber Corporation
        Long PU/PVC booties,Short PU/PVC booties
        產品: Long PU/PVC Booties,Short PU/PVC Booties

        Characteristics of PU booties:lighter,softer.walkable,tireless.fitting. liquid repellent.chemical resistance6.very low linting,excellent durability Characteri ...

        公司: [ TW] Asiatic Fiber Corporation
        camping chair
        產品: Camping Chair

        The Bazaar Captain Chair 1. Opens and folds in seconds 2. Durable polyester Fabric 3. Strong steel frame 4. Convenient ...

        公司: [ CN] Ningbo United Group Co.,Ltd.
        Snowman Table Piece
        產品: Snowman Table Piece

        10"H Fabric Snowman Table Piece

        公司: [ CN] Shantou Yuean Co.,Ltd.
        Fabric Stocking
        產品: Fabric Stocking

        17"H Fabric Embroidered Stocking

        公司: [ CN] Shantou Yuean Co.,Ltd.
        Tinned Copper Wire
        產品: Tinned Copper Wire

        We are one of the exports,from Jiangsu,China.We specializes on hats,caps,bags,shoes,gloves,toys,handicrafts,stationery,Textiles products,off-one shaver,Non-woven ...

        公司: [ CN] Jiangsu Holly Corp.Changzhou Branch
        CAKE  MOULD
        產品: CAKE MOULD

        To make the most of your silicon mould,plese fllow the instuction below. 1)Wash before first use. 2)Use in a microwave or traditional ...

        公司: [ TW] John & Shirley Industry Co., Ltd.
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