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        Frozen Imitation Abalone Slice
        產品: Frozen Imitation Abalone Slice
        Frozen Imitation Abalone Slice is made of squid added with abalone extraction. Just defrost each bag and ready to eat.
        公司: [ TW] Shin Ho Sing Ocean Ent. Co., Ltd.
        Squid Todarodes pacificus/illex argentinus/dosidicus gigas
        產品: Squid Todarodes Pacificus/Illex Argentinus/Dosidicus Gigas
        We are processor and exporter of various seafoods in China. Our company is EU certified and Haccp approved. The products are: various squid tube, ring, ...
        公司: [ CN] Rongcheng Renhua Aquatic Co., Ltd.
        Frozen Chanterelles
        產品: Frozen Chanterelles
        chanterelle cibarius A-grade, 0.5-3cm/3-6cm 10kg in one carton,1620 cartons in one 40RH container
        公司: [ CN] Sichuan Bestfood
        frozen asparagus
        產品: Frozen Asparagus
        we have our own green planting base with the specialities as follows:rich agricultural resources,high productions annually,enough and varieties products ...
        公司: [ CN] Juxian Ruifeng Foods Co.,Ltd
        Grade A fruit IQF red raspberry frozen raspberry 2.5kg and 500g packing raspberry
        產品: Grade A Fruit IQF Red Raspberry Frozen Raspberry 2.5kg And 500g Packing Raspberry
        Description: IQF Frozen,wild and cultivated Specifications: whole, puree, crumble Varieties: Tulameen, Ferdoti ,Europe red,williamte,heritage ...
        公司: [ CN] Qingdao Blossom Food Co.,Ltd
        產品: T+T
        1. U3,U5,U7,U10,U15,etc 2. Frozen way:IQF or BQF (according to your requirement)
        公司: [ CN] Yantai Rixiang Seafood Company
        frozen vegetable and fruit
        產品: Frozen Vegetable And Fruit
        We supply various frozen fruits and vegetables, include strwaberry, asparagus, apricot, each ,green bean, sweet pepper, broccoli, garlic, onion, eggplant, ...
        公司: [ CN] Andrew's Import & Export Co., Ltd
        Green Pepper
        產品: Green Pepper
        1. Antipyretic, analgesic: Pepper Xin temperature, lowered body temperature through sweating, and relieve muscle pain, and therefore has a strong antipyretic ...
        公司: [ CN] Xiamen futurefood Import & Export Co., Ltd
        Frozen whole round tilapia
        產品: Frozen Whole Round Tilapia
        we can supply the tilapia series products ,and hard shell calm series products now .2003/12/17
        公司: [ CN] Beihai Zhengwu Marine Products Co.,Ltd
        PTS Soft Shell Crab
        產品: PTS Soft Shell Crab
        Our soft shell crab has been produced under HACCP production system, which has already been certified by Department of Thai Fisheries.
        公司: [ TH] Paitoon Saplee Co.,Ltd.
        Frozen Arrow tooth flounder fillet
        產品: Frozen Arrow Tooth Flounder Fillet
        We are specialized in this area for years ,Our annual processing capacity is 15000 metric tons , and our storing capacity is 18000 tons.Our plant occupies ...
        公司: [ ] Dalian athena seafood Co., Ltd
        frozen topshell meat
        產品: Frozen Topshell Meat
        We supply and have export frozen topshell meat from Bulgaria
        公司: [ BG] Baytan Bulgaria Ltd.
        Frozen Pineapple
        產品: Frozen Pineapple
        Product's Name: Frozen Pineapple Variety: Queen Size: 15*15, 10*10mm, 5*5mm, tidbits, halves or other size can be available Color: Yellow Taste and ...
        公司: [ CN] Tianye Innovation Corooration
        frozen fish
        產品: Frozen Fish
        Fish:mackerl(Scomber scombrus) Size:16+ 20+(200-300gr 300-500gr) Frozen:seafrozen /land frozen BQF Packing:10kg/ctn 15kg/ctn 20kg/ctn Fish:Horse ...
        公司: [ CN] Fuzhou Kofon trade Co.,Ltd
        產品: Mushroom
        We are looking for buyers of mushrooms: Boletus Edulis frozen-10 tons,Craterellus Cornucopioides frozen-3636 kg,Craterellus Cornucopioides dried-95 kg. ...
        公司: [ UA] Lukmal.eco-trade Ltd
        IQF spring onions
        產品: IQF Spring Onions
        Size: 4mm Packing: 1x10kg/ctn Delivery time: all year Origin: China Min. Order: 1x20' container Transportation: by reefer containers
        公司: [ CN] Euro-Asia Fruits & Vegetables Group
        Vacuum cooler for fruit&vegetables
        產品: Vacuum Cooler For Fruit&Amp;Vegetables
        Machine name vacuum cooler Model KMS-1P 1. The technical experience of vacuum cooling machine are many years; 2.We adopt high quality vacuum pump,stable performance and less maintenance; 3.Vacuum chamber is corrosion resistance processing,baking paint,cover fashion and durable; 4.The compressor is stepless adjustment and design,high efficiency,energy saving and environmental protection; 5.It has the unique modified atmosphere gas to prevent the lettuce incision to become red. 6.It is used the screw compressor,large refrigeration capacity and low failure rate; 7.Multiple operating modes,you can choose temperature,time and vacuum mode,more practical function; 8.Vacuum chamber is automatic seamless welding, better pressure resistance; 9.It has multiple protection,man-machine interface and fault prompt function of error correction; 10.There are after-sales service from our factory and local agents,convenient and fast.
        公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Iceups Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
        whole tilapia
        產品: Whole Tilapia
        g&s tilapia
        Breaded Pangasius
        產品: Breaded Pangasius
        We would like to introduce that we are Anvifish Co - is one of top five biggest seafood company in Viet Nam .Main product is Pangasius fillet. We export ...
        公司: [ VN] Anvifish Co.
        IQF strawberry
        產品: IQF Strawberry
        dasa segena A13 A3 all star
        公司: [ CN] linyi tianshunfood
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