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        DC Fans 60-70mm
        產品: DC Fans 60-70mm
        1. Higher airflow, static pressure and torque. 2. Reduction for noise and power consumption. 3. Patented Hypro bearing for longer life. 4. Additional ...
        公司: [ ] Strikefan Electronic Co., Ltd.
        WIFI Signal Booster (Outdoor)
        產品: WIFI Signal Booster (Outdoor)
        With a solid aluminum construction the 2.4GHz Outdoor Signal Booster is designed to give a massive boost in range for a standard 802.11 b/g wireless signal. ...
        公司: [ CN] Starry Stone International Limited
        syscooling kit
        產品: Syscooling Kit
        C31 Water block,VG31 Water block,SC-30A Pump,AS120 radiator, N8 transparent tube 3m
        公司: [ CN] shijiazhuang Dongyuan technology co.ltd
        ddr2-1g-lo-dimm ( i-RAM / OEM)
        產品: ddr2-1g-Lo-Dimm ( I-RAM / OEM)
        FEATURES: >>> HYNIX&NANYA IC >>> HIGH PERFORMANCE >>> FBGA TECHNOLOGY >>> ODT(On-Die Termination) >> ...
        公司: [ TW] Jking Dram Module
        FLEX /Mini POWER SUPPLY AM630BS20S
        產品: FLEX /Mini POWER SUPPLY AM630BS20S
        Product name: PC power flex ATX AM630BS20S Power: 200W Input: 100 to 240V AC DC output: 5V/20A, 12V/10A, -5V/0.3A, 12V/0.5A, 3.3V/10A, and 5V/1.5A ...
        公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Suppower Tech Co.,LTD
        PC ram
        產品: PC Ram
        PC Spec Capacity Model No. 256M 400 DDR 512M 400 1G 400 512M 667 512M 800 desktop DDR2 1G 667 1G 800 2G 667 2G 800 1G 1066 DDR3 ...
        公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Hongbang Science & Technology Co.,Ltd
        ZTP android tablets 1G WIFI 7"/10" touchpad
        產品: ZTP Android Tablets 1G WIFI 7&Quot;/10&Quot; Touchpad
        Brand: Zenithink Modle: C71-UP Display: 7 inch 1024*600 CPU:Cortex A9 1GHZ OS: Android 4 Memory: 1GB DDR3 NAND Flash: 8GB Built-in camera; back ...
        公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Base Technology Company Limited
        Intel Original Mini-ITX Motherboard D2700DC for HTPC,DDR3 4GB, 1 PCIE, SPDIF, Digital DVI & HDMI
        產品: Intel Original Mini-ITX Motherboard D2700DC For HTPC,DDR3 4GB, 1 PCIE, SPDIF, Digital DVI &Amp; HDMI
        Intel Atom D2700 Mini-ITX Motherboard D2700DC For Home Theater PC ! 1) Dual-core AtomTM with Hyper-Threading 2) 1080 High-Definition playback 3) ...
        公司: [ CN] Beijing Teket Innovation Technology Co., Limited
        AXLE GTX460 1GB DDR5 256bits graphic card
        產品: AXLE GTX460 1GB DDR5 256bits Graphic Card
        Next-generation gaming has arrived. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 gives your games an adrenaline shot with incredible DirectX 11 performance and futuristic, ...
        公司: [ HK] Axle Internetional Vga Ltd
        Latest mini pc intel i3 with 1G RAM 8G SSD Windows Liunx
        產品: Latest Mini Pc Intel i3 With 1G RAM 8G SSD Windows Liunx
        Brand Name:PartakerType:Mini PCProducts Status:StockGraphics Card Type:Integrated CardHard Drive
        公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Inctel Technology Co., Ltd
        IBM Server Memory
        產品: IBM Server Memory
        IBM Server Memory 39M5782 / 39M5785 / 39M5791 / 39M5797 / 39M5809 / 39M5812 / 39M5818 41Y2729 / 41Y2732 / 43V7356 / 44T1480 / 44T1481 / 44T1482 / 44T1483 44 ...
        公司: [ HK] MJS International Limited
        HP server Memory
        產品: HP Server Memory
        I have very good price for Memory. 358348-B21,1GB REG PC2700 1X1GB ALL;190$ 34305-B21,1GB REG PC3200 2X512 ALL 180$ 343056-B21,2GB REG PC3200 ...
        公司: [ CN] Blueair Technology Co.,Ltd
         teaching platform for computer,technological university
        產品: Teaching Platform For Computer,Technological University
        Samsung processor solutions is currently used by many companies product solutions,personnel needs including hardware development, system driver ...
        公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Haitianxiong Electronic Co.,Ltd.Chengdu Branch
        WS-C3850-48T-E cisco switch
        產品: WS-C3850-48T-E Cisco Switch
        We offer NEW CISCO switch,router,module,license and wireless with large discount. CISCO 2960,2960S,2960X,3560X,3650,3750X,3850 series switches CISCO ...
        公司: [ CN] Singta Trading Ltd
        EAST Power Supply
        產品: EAST Power Supply
        EAST GROUP is a high-tech enterprise specialized in UPS, inverter, stabilizer, lead-acid maintenance-free battery, two production sites and 126 sales ...
        公司: [ CN] Guangdong East Group Co., Ltd.
        T70 rugged tablet pc
        產品: T70 Rugged Tablet Pc
        T70 rugged tablet pc feature: T70's hardware configuration can be quite tough, Dual-core processor, 1GBLPDDRII low power RAM 7 inch 400 lumens of brightness ...
        公司: [ CN] Leeline
        Palm Max Tech. Corp.
        產品: Palm Max Tech. Corp.
        PC-802 USB PC calculator key pad * Dual usage for as PC key pad and calculator * Detachable USB cable for collecting back to the bottom case * Dimension: ...
        公司: [ TW] Palm Max Technology Corp.
        TPU+PU phone cases
        產品: TPU+PU Phone Cases
        TPU + PU cases
        公司: [ ] Shenzhen WEIDU Tech Co.,Ltd
        產品: HS74
        Intel P4 478 Application up to 3.06G
        公司: [ TW] Huey Shyang Ent. Co., Ltd.
        Sony MS Pro Duo
        產品: Sony MS Pro Duo
        Trend World is specialize in all kinds of memory cards,including SD,MMC,MINI SD,TF,RS-MMC and CF.We have our own factory in shenzhen,so all the goods ...
        公司: [ HK] Trend World
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