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        Swivel Castor.
        產品: 旋轉無剎腳輪
        公司: [ ] Medical Wheel Industry Co., Ltd
        產品: WHEELCHAIR
        folding wheelchair, with detachable armrest, detachable swingaway footrest, solid or pneumatic caster and rear big wheels.
        公司: [ TW] Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd
        Transportation Stretcher
        產品: Emergency Stretcher
        Features Drop Frame Backboard Tailor-made backboard can make X film Fixed Ring 5PC fixed rings were designed on the both sides of bed respectively for binding or hang articles Base Cover ABS plastic-steel cabinet base cover with articles tank Drainage Bag Clasp 3PC drainage bag clasps were designed on the both sides of bed respectively. Crashworthy Wheel Backboard Ascending and Descending knob Pull double pressure stick on the bedside upwards to ascend or descend backboard within 0-90 degrees. Ascending and descending functions of bed surface Tilt Function of Bed Surface Oil Pressure Footplate Because of larger oil pressure footplate, it is easily to control rise, but not easily for skid. Three-in-one Tyre Three-in-one tyre is made from PU material. Advantages: low resistance, lower noise, higher dirt resistance and antisepsis Adjustable Knob Two-in-one pushing knob looks beautiful, which meets with human engineering. It can be laid down and fixed vertically and conveniently. Updated Brake Pedal Multi-bearing pedal for brake was designed for different angles and it features convenience in orientation. prevent pushing bed from moving danger because not put on the brake pedal.
        公司: [ TW] Fu Shun Hsing Technology Co.,Ltd
        Pocket Dental Flosser
        產品: 牙線棒
        特色說明︰ ◎ 牙醫師推薦 ◎ 操作簡單 ◎ 經濟實惠 ◎ 衛生潔淨 ◎ 環保新概念 牙線精靈口袋型牙線器,是最新最先進的牙線器,提供方便舒適的清潔方法, 為您得牙齒去除牙菌斑及食物殘渣,牙線可以深入牙縫最底層,達到最佳的清潔效果。使用牙線器不需要拉著長長的牙線,也不需要將您的手指頭放入嘴中。並且在使用當中牙線仍保持緊繃狀態,不會有太軟使不上力的感覺,符合人體工學 的外型設計,提供您簡便的操作方式及最有效率的潔牙效果。 補充牙線捲另售 超過750支傳統牙線棒
        公司: [ TW] Universal Fairy House Co., Ltd.
        Multi-functional Laryngoscope
        產品: Multi-Functional Laryngoscope
        This product has the full-range advantages of metal anesthetic laryngopharyngoscope With excellent hand-feels, handle is of human and individualized ...
        公司: [ CN] Yangzhou Maslech Medical Appliance Co., Ltd
        Solid Abutment--ITI/Straumann Compatiable
        產品: Solid Abutment--ITI/Straumann Compatiable
        Our company Bioconcept is a world class manufacturer of high quality, high precision dental implants and instruments for global dental market. We`re ...
        公司: [ ] Bioconcept
        HIV Test Kits
        產品: HIV Test Kits
        Description: HIV-1/2 saliva rapid screen test cassette Rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of antibodies to human immunodeficiency ...
        公司: [ CN] Sunrising Enterprise Corporation Limited
        Digital Thermometer/competitive Price
        產品: Digital Thermometer/Competitive Price
        High quality and very competitive price,welcome to inquiry. Features:1) Display range: 32.0~42C 2) Accuracy: +/-0.1C 3) Min. scale: 0.01C 4)LCD ...
        公司: [ CN] Shengsheng Firstar Crafts&arts Co.,Ltd.
        safety eye wash
        產品: Safety Eye Wash
        Type : stainless steel /Epoxy coating stailess steel Coating : gloss epoxy powder Emergency shower : stailess steel 304 inlet pip ...
        公司: [ CN] Hebei Finechem Imp&Exp Co.Ltd
        health food
        產品: Health Food
        Our collagen is researched and developed by the Ocean University of China,China's Aquatic Research Institute and the Japan's beginning entering the market ...
        公司: [ CN] Qing Dao Ke No Bio & Tech Co., Ltd.
        Blood glucose meter
        產品: Blood Glucose Meter
        5 seconds time reading 180 memories 0.5 micro liter accurate and stable reading result High qualtiy medical devices under strictly QC inspection
        公司: [ TW] Vis geneer INC
        Self-sealing Sterilization Pouch
        產品: Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouch
        Self-sealing Sterilization Pouch Specifications and Features are as the same as Sterilization Rolls. Additional features: 1. Assured sterility: ...
        公司: [ CN] Anqing Yipak Packaging Material Co., Ltd
        產品: Thymomodulin
        We can supply the thymomodulin in the form of powder and solution. Usage:It is applicable to amplify immunity and resist to virus and cancer.It can be ...
        公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Huajin Pharma Co.,Ltd.
        Medical Hydrogel Dressing
        產品: Medical Hydrogel Dressing
        Medical hydrogel dressing is a semi-transparent flexible gel with excellent absorbency. This cold and comfortable dressing can accelerate epithelization ...
        公司: [ CN] Huizhou Foryou Medical Devices Co,. Ltd
        medical tube
        產品: Medical Tube
        Shanghai Fine Weather Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality ABL tubes. Our company has introduced advanced domestic and foreign ...
        公司: [ CN] Shanghai Fine Weather Industrial Co., Ltd.
        acupuncture needle
        產品: Acupuncture Needle
        Through gamma (gamma ray) irradiation sterilization, according with the which is disposable medical supplies gamma ray radiation sterilization.On the basis ...
        公司: [ CN] GOHITECH CO.,LTD.
        Blueberry extract
        產品: Blueberry Extract
        (info5 at snowlotusbiotech dot com) origin: growing in coniferous forest and mingled forest in the west slope of DaXinAnLing and DaXinAnLing area in HeiLongJian ...
        公司: [ CN] DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd([email protected]tech.com)
        TG12MX Heamatocritic Centrifuge Medical Desktop 12000rpm LED Display
        產品: TG12MX Heamatocritic Centrifuge Medical Desktop 12000rpm LED Display
        Model: TG12MX Max. RCF: 14800*g Max. Speed: 12000r/min Max. Capacity: 24 capillary Noise: <=55dBA Power: AC230V 50HZ Power consumption drive: ...
        公司: [ CN] ZiHe International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
        UM-S01 EVA anti snoring devices
        產品: UM-S01 EVA Anti Snoring Devices
        Model: UM-S01 Specifications Anti Snoring Packing Detail a.1*anti snore tray b.1*tray container c.1*tray insert handle d.1*manual Color: blue, ...
        公司: [ CN] Tangshan UMG Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
        Medical Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits(strip cassette)
        產品: Medical Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits(Strip Cassette)
        we can supply kinds of rapid diagnostic test kits, including ELISA kits. Fertility (HCG, LH, FSH) Infectious diseases(HBV,HCV,HBsAg,HBsAb, HIV, TP,HP,TB, ...
        公司: [ CN] Ubaic Corporation
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