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        Henan UTERS Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.
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          Henan UTERS Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale production and service enterprise that specializes in manufacturing and selling industrial filter equipment and accessories, as well as construction machinery such as spray grouting products and mixing equipment. The company has advanced production technology and equipment. Complete ISO9001-2008 quality management system and fast and convenient after-sales service network, introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, develop, produce and sell various types of filtration equipment and accessories, tunnel and bridge machinery products and accessories.

        In the field of industrial filtration and purification, our company has more than 30 series of nearly 5,000 specifications of products in three categories: standard filter elements, filters, and filtration devices, which are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery and other systems. While producing standard series filters, it also undertakes domestic and foreign non-standard filter and filter element manufacturing business, as well as domestically produced supporting services for imported equipment filters and filter elements.
          Air Compressor Filter Elements, Stainless Steel Filter Elements , Dust Removal & Air Purification , Water Filter Elements , Industrial Factory Filter Elements, Coalescence & Separation Filter Elements, Replacement Filter Elements, Air Compression Filter , Hydraulic Filters, Water Filters , Portable Oil Purifier , High-Precision Oil Purifier
        公司名稱:  Henan UTERS Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.
        連絡:  聯絡我們
        網址:  ********
        電話:  86-391-8346801
        傳真:  86-391-15239198219
        國家:  中國
        住址:  A15 Aliyun InnovationCenter,Wuzhi 454950,Jiaozuo,Henan,China.
        Commerce 會員:
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